Critical 20 Cantrip Minis


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Need a bit of contrast for that sock project. Or a selection of hues for your next colorwork? Then a Critical 20 Cantrip is just what you’re looking for!

Our cantrip mini skeins are 20 grams and available in Fingering Weight, DK Weight, and Worsted Weight on our Rogue, Druid, and Paladin bases. Pick your color and your base, and get ready to start casting!

While each color has its own specific recipe, every skein is individually hand dyed, which could cause variations between skeins in distribution. If using more than one skein in a product, we recommend alternating skeins

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Cardinal, Bag of Holding, Copper Dragon, Embers, Gold Dragon, Daylight, Mistletoe, Emerald Dragon, Misty Forest, Displacer, Thunderwave, Aerolth's Crystal, Etherealness, Mind Flayer, This Princess Saves Herself, Charm, Doeskin, Leather, Silver Dragon, Obsidian Dragon, Spellbook


Cantrips Druid- Minis, Cantrips Paladin- Minis, Cantrips Rogue- Minis


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