• Entangle
    Entangle is named for a druid spell from D&D 5th edition. The colorway is shades of brilliant green, to represent all the plant life of the forest, with a touch of yellow for sunshine. Entangle is a beautiful tonal green, […]
  • Fireball
    Who doesn’t love a good Fireball? Named for one of the most popular mage/wizard spells in Dungeons & Dragons, Fireball was one of the first colorways we created and experimented with. Fireball is a speckled yarn that features the traditional […]
  • The Journey So Far
    Hello, and welcome to Critical Hit Dyes! The team behind the dyeing is Jess and Meg, a pair of knitters and crafters from southern New England who love all things fantasy, and all things yarn. Critical Hit Dyes allows us […]