Cleric Dye To Order


85% Fine Superwash Merino Wool, 15% Mulberry Silk
100 grams/ 246 yards/ 224 meters
2 Ply

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Our healer is leaving the party! Don’t miss out on this silky base.

Our Beautiful Cleric Base offers warmth with an even softer touch. With a silky sheen, this base is great for garments and accessories. Get yours now while they last!

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Acid Splash, Aerolth's Crystal, Barkskin, Barrett, Bless, Border Guard, Cardinal, Champion of Ravens, Charm, Cherry Blossom Spell, Elvish Wedding Dress, Emerald Dragon, Entangle, Etherealness, Everlight, Fireball, Glowing Orb, Gold Dragon, Grandmama's Egg, Heir of Whitestone, Kiss of the Petals, Mistress of the Hunt, Misty Forest, Morgan, Namira, Nightmare of Aerin, Obsidian Dragon, Redtail, Scanlan's Hand, Shadow of Aerin, Silver Dragon, Strongjaw, Thunderwave, Vishka, Vivienne, Wither & Bloom


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